Last night I had an encounter that stirred my thoughts. There was an aliveness to this and an opportunity to reflect and renew. It was annoying at first then realized it is my story and as a creator of art I can transform these feelings these feelings into a work of art. This is what gives me great pleasure in creating. Although they are abstract they come from within. I hope to convey this to the viewer. These feelings and thoughts influence my mood and when the time is right they come forth. I have yet to find a way to harness this energy but continually try to become aware.


My new work  was inspired by my trip to Bhutan last year.  It was an incredible journey not only physically but emotionally. We climbed up to 12,000 feet to visit monasteries perched high on cliffs overlooking dense jungle like foliage. We then sat for hours in the monastery listening to the monks chanting, bells ringing, drumming and most of us had tearful emotions. We all had different thoughts but the outcome was the same. It was a cleansing and opening of the heart.  I felt that I was calling out my power, seeing possibilities, doing it differently, feeling joy in the change. This experience Challenged me to see in a new way, expand my view, GO FOR IT!

July 9, 2012

Oh the joy of being with my loved ones. A moment in time when all things went so smoothly and happiness was spread all around. My new paintings will reflect this. Inspired by love,
sounds of the sea, wind blowing though my hair, truly a dream come true. I am so grateful for all this. Find something to be grateful for! Look at life in a positive way! Feel energy move in your body and melt into it!